• Plat restaurant Le Meysset

Carte and half-board-pension in Restaurant Le Meysset

COVID UPDATE : during lockdown, the restaurant offers a take-away menu every weekend. Please find details here under.

Restaurant Le Meysset in Sarlat is open all year-round and invites you for gastronomic adventures. The restaurant room fits 60 people and a terrace with great views can welcome your small and big events. Dishes are locally inspired. Come and taste “A la carte” all year-round, and half-board pension from April 1st to Septembre 30th.

You are looking where to eat in Sarlat ? Restaurant Le Meysset is right on the higher outskirts of the city. Gastronomic dishes are locally inspired. Dishes are seasonnal with fresh and local products. For a dinner, a week-end or a special event, have a look to our menu “A la carte”.

For your comfort, the restaurant room is air-conditionned.

The restaurant is open for dinner everyday from 7 PM to 9 PM and for lunch from Tuesdays to Sundays from 12PM to 2PM.

Take-away menu for Easter

Menu from Friday 2nd of April to Monday 5th of April

To take away from Place du 14 juillet in Sarlat, in Restaurants Village, from 10 AM to 6.30 PM

Starter + fish + meat + dessert : 40 euros

Before starting

  • Fried sweetbread with walnuts, carrots


  • Scallops carpaccio in fruity vinegar, lemon blancmange, chioggia beetroots


  • Flowering top of cauliflower with pineapple and coriander, with a fillet of  Julienne strip, veal sauce in walnut butter


  • Minced lamb in mint and parmeggiano pesto, mousseline of flageolet beans, garlic cromesquis


Chocolat cup from Le Meysset, edition 2021 : Cream of Zephyr chocolate and vanilla, jelly of strawberry from the Perigord, caviar of lemon

A la carte menu (suspended during lockdown)

Sarter + main dish : 30 euros

Main dish + dessert  : 28 euros

Starter + main dish + dessert : 38 euros


  • Foie gras dome of hibiscus with jelly made of rhubarb, mint hibiscus gel (22€)
  • Carpaccio of bass with Earl Grey Agrumes infusion, herb salad, Yuzu gel (19€)
  • Mushrooms and spinach raviole, yellow wine morl (21€)

Main dishes

  • Rabbit cable with aromas of sage and nut, cranberry beans mash with aromas (25€)
  • Filet of scabbard fish, vegetables from the market, lemon balm, verveine juice (28€)
  • Beef and marrow filet, bordelaise sauce Inaya flavoured, juicy rosemary apple (26€)
  • Roasted goose breast, hazelnut parmesan polenta, beetroot dilution (25€)


  • “La coque du Meysset”, pistachio mousse and strawberry basil jelly (11€)
  • Limoncello come in, stuffed with redcurrant and lemon curd (9€)
  • Iced nougat with local honey (9€)
  • Selection of mature cheeses from Perigord (10€)

The Perigourdin menu (suspended during lockdown)

Starter + main dish + dessert : 28 euros


The home-made foie gras of duck from south-west of France, toast and fruit chutney

Main dish

The Perigourdin shepherd’s pie with confit of duck and mashed potatoes, sweet onions and meat juice


The walnut cake from Le Meysset

The lunch menu from Thursdays to Sundays (suspended during lockdown)

Starter + main dish or main dish + dessert : 15 euros

Starter + main dish + dessert : 19 euros

From Thursday 22nd of October to Sunday 25th of October


  • Salmon sashimi with salt and ginger, wasabi mousse, honey and soya sauce

Main dish to choose

  • Sauté of veal and paprika
  • Cod loin, risotto of quinoa and saffron, fish sauce


  • Perigourdin cake made of corn

Half-board pension in restaurant Le Meysset

Half-board stays are possible from 1st of April to 30th of September. It is composed with breakfast and dinner.

For a week-end or a longer stay, relax and let Le Meysset team take care of your holidays. Book the half-board pension ! You only have to enjoy beautiful parts of our region.

Half-board dinner is composed breakfast and dinner with starter, main dish and dessert, without drinks. Everyday, the Chef prepares a dinner made of fresh and local products, according to the season.

Booking is necessary for the half-board pension. It is available only for dinner and for the all stay. Half-board pension, breakfast and dinner, is 39 euros per person and per day.

Allergen risk prevention

Please feel free to ask for allergens in our dishes.